Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grateful Thirty

As I am rapidly approaching my thirtieth birthday (eek that is even a little rough to write out)... I have decided to take a moment before Thanksgiving and reflect on a few moments over the last year that I am grateful.  Indulge my photo moments to help create the perfect picture with my thoughts: 

(none of these will be in order of importance)

 30.  My little Lady!  I am grateful for a fabulously fun car that has everyone remember a moment from their past and share it with me... it's as if I get to re-live everyones perfect moment in time!

29.  My best friend Brett who can always make me laugh, even in the mist of a complete breakdown!  Someone who is always there to listen to me laugh and cry.  

28.  My brothers and sisters!  Individually for all listening to me and talking me through all of life's decisions... and especially for offering advice even when I can be so stubborn ;)

27.  Girl friends!!  

26.  Spring Training and orange blossoms! March in Arizona. 

25.  Fenway... baseball with my dad. 

24.  Huntington Beach.  Alycesun.  

23.  My little perfect brother ;)  But seriously. 

22.  Too Big Buddha 

21.  Dancing on the Great Wall of China

20.  Aaron and all the amazing people I met while traveling through Asia... and the delicious Indian food in Korea!

 19. Serenity in Beijing

18.  Tree hugging at a Buddhist temple in Korea

 17.  This moment was one that made me discover my love for the people of Japan.  The most kind gentle willing to help anyone, kind of people.  

16.  Girls cruise!  

15.  Meeting Madona in Sedona on a hike!

 14.  Travelling to Utah football games with my Utah boys!

 13.  Days at the pool and 3D movies. 

12.  Jo- the amazing artist that you are!  Some hilarious moments... this just is a taste.  HAHAHA!

11.  My New Zealand friends in SLC enjoying some Utah football!

10.  Aura readings

9.  Alex, someone who helps me see my crazy and laughs with me!

8.  Driving with mom... after the slammer! LOL

7.  All of my nephews and nieces   

6.  Elyn... gosh I love it when this girl calls me!

5.  The Bodily family.  Cooking, traveling, playing.  I love this family like my own!  

4.  Campfires when I thought camping was over for the season!

3.  Ben pretending to be a woman for our race, encouraging everyone to finish and do their best!

2.  A group of girls who indulged me and ran a race that none of us ever thought we could!  What a great group of people!!

1.  A new group of crazy friends that reminded me to enjoy life to the fullest and not care what anyone thinks!  

So although there are many more reasons to why I am grateful, I hope this shows that I am so happy about my life and all that I am able to accomplish and do.  I have an amazing family and incredible friends who are there for me all along the way. 

The greatest lesson I have come to recognize is that life is about the COURAGE TO BE IMPERFECT!

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